…and there was evening

The creation story, in describing the separation for each day’s work uses the phrase, “and there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.” I might have written it the other way around, as – and there was morning, and then evening—believing the day begins with dawn. God often sees things differently than we do. Nevertheless, evening is, maybe, the most special part of a day. Evening is a marker for each day – the time to let the mind loose – the time to reflect, to take a measure of the day – was there accomplishment? – was there good? – was the good intentional? – did good come with a cost? – was there willingness to pay? – was evil set aside? – did refusing evil require sacrifice? – was the sacrifice gladly embraced? – did wisdom guide decisions? – did patience provide time to be wise? – was there a conviction of purpose in the things done? Those days when there is strength to live life on purpose the evening gives opportunity and quiet to recalibrate – time to ask for and imagine good, not just for me, but for all – time to plan for good – time to prepare for morning – prepare hoping to make a difference.


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