…and there was morning

you’re right – I’ve been spending too much time looking at the sky since moving to New Mexico. Normally it’s the evening sky that draws attention. The back patio looks out on a far-off horizon to the west – ideal for sunsets. Looking east from the townhouse other homes are in the way and a clear look at the sunrise horizon is a little bit of a walk. But Sunday morning just at sunrise the clouds in the western sky turned orange as the sun was ready to rise in the east. This is what I saw:

It’s amazing, isn’t it. The view is to the southwest – away from the rising sun to the southeast. I quickly walked out to the front of the house and took a picture of the sky towards the sunrise above the townhomes across the street, and then walked a ways to an open space and took one of the sunrise horizon.

The sun rose just a few minutes later and all of the color faded in the brighter light. Dawn is a special time – I’m always up in the dark before dawn checking friends facebook posts and reading and sometimes writing. A lot happens in the mornings that is too good to miss – focus comes easily – the mind is fresh and anxious to consider a new or peculiar thought. Dawn is a word used often as a metaphor to describe an awakening of a new era or an exciting event. It’s appropriate to use it in that way and this Sunday morning dawn is the perfect example of why.

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