winter Sunday evening

In mid-December as the sun drops below the horizon you can see big flocks of both geese and cranes every evening fly up the Rio Grande valley headed for their nesting places for the night. They like ponds of water for the night – they’re safe there – not many of their predators are a match for them in the water. We live far enough south that some of the migrating birds winter over here – others of them stay a little while then head farther south before their migration ends. Darkness comes early in mid-December. The year’s shortest day is in just a few days. It seems like almost mid-afternoon when I go to close the window blinds for the night.

This Sunday evening sunset picture was taken December 11. I downloaded it to the computer and then headed to evening worship service at the Belen Church of Christ.

Sunday mornings usually begin by driving a couple of miles to Rutillios for a western omelet or breakfast burrito that we share. In New Mexico both come smothered in green chile with some papitos alongside. After returning from breakfast I finish preparing for class and then we head to class and worship – class and worship – a couple of hours and a little visiting time with nice people with common interests and common goals – friends that care and look out for each other. Then after services it’s off somewhere for lunch – lunch might get smothered in green chile also – but we do take a break and get a pizza sometimes – no green chile for pizzas. Then at home afterward, maybe a little yard work, or a football game on TV, or a nap, or a walk on the golf course – or a combination of several of them. This particular Sunday afternoon it was a nap and a walk, arriving back home just in time to sit on the patio and watch this sunset and watch the flocks of birds headed for their nests.

What would you exchange for a life that allows living Sundays like this? We live in good times with much to be thankful for. Not even all the politicians and Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow together can convince me that I’m somehow being cheated and should be unhappy. The geese and the cranes and most of the rest of us have a place to go at night with a safe nest. I led a prayer of thanksgiving at Sunday evening services – there were lots of good reasons for it.

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