Red Rock State Park

Following breakfast at Wildflower Bread Company we drove to Red Rock State Park on the west edge of Sedona for a hike. The Park contains about 300 acres which were acquired and is operated as a State Park to protect a section of Oak Creek in its natural state. It is popular for both visitor and local hiking.

The trails provide beautiful views of sandstone rock formations and cliffs which line the valley of Oak Creek. Below is a formation named Cathedral Rock.

If you look closely at the center of the following picture you can see a mule deer we came across as we hiked standing behind a yucca plant. There were a pair of them – the white rump of the second doe is barely recognizable through a fork of the dead tree at the right side of the photo. They watched us closely and spent most of the time standing behind a Pinyon Pine as we stopped and watched them.

There was a grove of thick white barked birch at one corner of the Park standing in contrast to the red sandstone cliff.

Oak Creek in the photo below

We walked 3.4 miles of the trails in the park according to my watch GPS. The 4 hours went quickly. I was constantly stopping to take a photo. There’s a new picture at every bend in the trail. The temperature was in the upper 50s and the air was still – the skies with a thin layer of clouds and some haze. We shed our jackets early in the walk. Some of my favorite places in the West are Red Rock country – Moab and Escalante and Mexican Hat and Monument Valley and Bryce Canyon, UT – Sedona matches up to them in beauty. Tomorrow’s plans are the Grand Canyon – back to back days of Southwest desert wows – I’d better get the camera battery in the charger.

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