We bought a condominium on the 10th fairway of the Tierra del Sol golf course when we moved to Belen, NM last September. Sometimes one thinks of a golf course condo as expensive and fancy – not so ours – it’s very modest and small. I’ve grown to love the setting of our home, though. We have a view across to the desert on the other side of the valley and the fairway beyond the back patio gives a feeling of open space. Here’s a picture of the 10th green about 50 yards from our patio, taken tonight as the sun was setting.

We started walking about two months ago, in the afternoons after we eat our late lunch/dinner at 2:00 PM or so. We’ve been consistent, averaging 3 to 4 times a week – 1 ½ to 2 miles each time. About 3 weeks ago, we decided if we’re going to be out walking on a golf course why not have clubs and a ball and play golf while we are at it. We reasoned that we would not only get the benefits from walking, but also some upper body exercise. So, we bought clubs and push carts and a pass for the course. We call down to the starter, and ask if there is anyone down beyond the dog-leg on the 10th tee. If not, we walk up to the 11th tee and start, then play the 10th hole to finish the nine – ending up just a few feet from our back patio.

They play golf all winter here – you can see the grass still has some green in it, even at the end of January. We have some cold days – last week was high 30s and low 40s for 5 days in a row. But that is not the norm. Today was 54 degrees – the sun is so warm here at 4,900 ft. altitude in the clear, dry air. We played today in long sleeve t-shirts – it was perfect.

I’ve played golf since the college years. It’s a great game, but can be frustrating. I’ve bought and then given away clubs several times believing playing days were over. This time, the frustration level is way down – it’s been 10 years since we played last – aging has a way of making one more relaxed about things – golf is apparently one of those things – we’re both terrible golfers – so bad we don’t keep score – but, regardless, I’m having a really good time at it. We’re careful to stay out of the way of the real golfers.

When I walk our back nine down the middle of the fairways the distance is almost exactly 2 miles. Last Friday when I played those same nine holes I walked 3.05 miles. What I would like to know is why that little white ball does not like the middle of the fairway? – zig and zag – lol.

2 thoughts on “golfing”

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new home. And to have surroundings advantageous for walks and, yes, hacking away at golf balls. I remember our few golf outings in Utah and enjoyed them, although as you stated, a golf ball can be a contentious and willful, little orb of thread and vinyl. I believe the Masters is coming up in Augusta, but alas, I wasn’t invited.

    1. The Masters starts in a week, I think. I’ll be watching, enjoying the azaleas and other blooming things that make the South so wonderfully beautiful in the Spring. The high desert plants of Spring are no match. Yes, even though I’ve been playing a lot, I wasn’t invited either.

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