She wouldn’t really pose for me the way I wanted, but it’s a Roadrunner, perched on the edge of the birdbath I faithfully fill with water every evening. You can see her beak as her head is turned slightly to the side – the angle of the picture doesn’t show it, but her tail is long. We see her regularly on the fairway around our condo. Sometimes she is running – sometimes just meandering – a couple of times she’s been marching dutifully with a dead lizard in her beak, maybe carrying it to share with her chicks. Have not seen a coyote in pursuit yet – though I have sighted a coyote several times in the neighborhood – if you’re young and don’t have a clue ask someone older about the cartoon. She had startled me the day before when I was sitting on the patio, and out of nowhere she hopped up on the edge of the bird bath and took a long drink. Though it surprised me, I told her hello, and she was welcome to the drink. She hadn’t seen me before I spoke, and she cocked her head and her comb feathers raised up in a quizzical way as she looked at who had spoken. She took two more long drinks, looking at me between each one, and then hopped down and walked away across the fairway. When I first saw her this day, through the window from inside the house, she was down in the birdbath laying down like a duck would float on a pond. It was near 100 degrees outside, so I guess even Roadrunners seek ways to stay cool. I ran for the camera, and she had gotten out on the ledge by the time a picture could be taken. I’ve never lived where there were Roadrunners before. Some of my neighbors speak poorly of them, saying they are ruthless scavengers who will eat the eggs of pheasants and other birds with ground nests. For me, I just am entertained by the ridiculous look they have – they pretty much look as ridiculous as the cartoon character – and love to see her out and about, walking or running by – any day with some amusement is a better day. Maybe someday I’ll get a picture to share which shows what our local one really looks like. In the meantime, I’ll just leave you with – beep, beep!

2 thoughts on “Roadrunner”

  1. Don’t think I’ve seen a road runner other than the Warner Bros. character or the Plymouth muscle car. So do they really make a beep- beep sound? I enjoy watching the wildlife in our yard as well, an abundance of birds, seeing that we feed them as well as have running water from the waterfall, in which they love to bathe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven’t heard a roadrunner make any sounds – suspect they do not go beep – beep, lol. I remember all the birds in your wonderful back yard. We have quite a few birds, but not as many varieties as in South Carolina. I see robins, several kinds of finches, swallows, white-wing doves and now the roadrunner in the bird bath. We have a few hummingbirds that visit a feeder we keep filled. A rabbit will pass by on the golf course from time to time and there is a brown squirrel or two who like to get a drink from our patio fountain regularly. We have a heart connection to gardens and the outdoors – maybe passed down from Dad and Mom who gardened so seriously. We sit outside a lot each day – it is always curious to me that as we walk the golf course with homes lining it both sides in many places that we rarely see people outside. They miss out, I think – the enjoyment of gardens and birds and the sky is a blessing to us.

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